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(above) All queer people own an album by at least one of these performers.

While it is true that queer people appreciate a wide variety of musical stylings, ranging from country to punk to techno to folk music, a reccuring trend emerges in each of these musical/cultural queer subsets.

Queers tend to be overwhelmingly drawn to strong female performers. Even in musical genres largely dominated by men (punk, rock, country), queers will be found in the highest numbers at shows being headlined by women.

This preferential leaning is found in all queer gender identities. After several years of research, anthropologists have linked this trend to another normative pattern in queer culture: rooting for the under dog (upcoming post). Queers feel a high level of shared identity with all other marginalized people, and therefore commonly have an emotional connectivity with those who have been deemed “outsiders” (aka Any women, doing anything creative. Ever).

In addition,  the  not yet proven (though frequently studied) hypothesis that all queer people grow up with an akward/emotionally unstable female best friend (another future post) is speculated to be an early catalyst towards the appreciation of lady made music. These friends almost always introduce queers to their first favorite band ( usually Cat Power ) before the friend’s akwardness transitions into craziness and they get sent to an “alternative school” where they are never heard from again.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you must discuss music with  a queer, it is advisable that you simply nod approvingly of everything they say, and then when it is your turn to speak, say one of the following:

  • “Yoko Ono is the only reason The Beatles got interesting during the second half of their career. Have you heard Plastic Ono Band?  She fucking made Lennon who he was! He owes her everything!”
  • “Did you know that Dolly Parton has sold more records than any other country performer EVER! And she writes her own songs!”
  • “Have you heard of Kaki King/LKN/Leslie Hall/Scream Club/Swallows yet?”



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